Helping to Simplify a Complex World

Consider mediation for your divorce to save time, emotions and money. You and your spouse remain in control. Unlike a litigated divorce, you have control because you and your spouse make decisions about all aspects of your divorce in consultation with the mediator.
Through mediation an attorney can provide the legal information needed to address all the complexities of divorce. Divorce is a complex legal topic and an attorney can mediate to achieve clear concise and comprehensive options on all the aspects of divorce including:

 marital property division
 child support and visitation
 alimony
 division of retirement assets

If you use a mediator who is also an attorney, they can help you file all the court paperwork which can include: starting the dissolution of marriage action, preparing and filing the necessary financial disclosure documents such as financial affidavits, child support guidelines and preparing the separation agreement, and final papers to be presented to the court.

Divorce mediation is confidential and both parties agree that negotiations cannot be used as evidence in court should litigation be commenced in the future. A divorce mediator will discuss the confidentiality rules applicable in Connecticut when you meet.

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