Helping to Simplify a Complex World

Making the Process Easier for You

Dealing with a situation in which you need a lawyer can already be taxing. We won’t add any more stress to the process. We’ll minimize the “legalese” and explain the process so that you can understand it easily and work with us to find solutions. As a team, we can efficiently and effectively solve your legal dilemmas.

Personal Service for Your Legal Needs

Expert representation for legal matters can make or break your case, contract, or petition. Baram, Tapper & Gans LLC’s attorneys specialize in a myriad of legal specialties. Each lawyer takes his responsibility seriously and sits down with you personally to cover all of the details related to your case. That personal service and attention is what makes the firm a standout in Bloomfield, CT and beyond.

Helping to simplify a complex world. Call 860.242.2221 to make an appointment.

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