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Personal Law: Services for Individuals

We provide a wide range of personal law services. You can rely on us to get you through your personal law issues.

Personal Law Services, Bloomfield, CT

Personal Law Services

• Accidents and Personal Injury
• Administrative Law
• Criminal Defense – Federal and State
• Divorce and Family Law
• Elder Law
• Employment Law
• Estate Planning, Administration, Probate
• Immigration and Nationality Law Litigation
• Residential Real Estate
• Wills & Trusts
• Workers’ Compensation

Divorce and Family Law

At Baram, Tapper & Gans, LLC, the practice of divorce and family law includes a broad spectrum of client services which address issues of custody, child support, alimony, asset distribution, transfer of real estate, visitation (parental access), transfer of retirement funds, medical coverages, tax ramifications, guardianship, legal separation, and juvenile matters.

Divorce Objectives:

-Determine jurisdiction and service of process methods
-Review cause allegations or no-fault grounds of irretrievable breakdown for dissolution of marriage/legal separation

Protection Of Minor Children:

-Evaluate the best interests of the children
-Calculate child support in accordance with Connecticut’s Child Support Guidelines

Alimony and Property Distribution:

-Consider statutory factors in determining appropriateness, amount, and duration of possible spousal support
-Analyze statutory factors in assessing an equitable asset distribution
-Review possibility of contribution toward legal fees and costs

Juvenile Matters:

-Address issues of termination of parental rights, family reunification, third party resource assistance, visitation, child support, state commitment, foster care placement, medical evaluations and treatment, and working with the Department of Child & Family Services

Collaborative and Mediation Practice:

-Conduct mediation services
-Participate in divorce collaboratives to achieve equitable settlements

Lawyer(s) Available for Divorce and Family Law: 

David A. Baram 

Employment Law

Our firm represents clients on matters of discrimination, employment contracts, severance agreements, drafting of personnel manuals, wage and hours disputes, unjust or constructive terminations, breach of contract, family and medical leave, and disability issues.


-Identify allegations of discrimination such as: race, gender, age, religion, disability, housing
-Work with clients to establish facts
-Represent clients in State and Federal Courts, before the CHRO, at grievance or fact-finding hearings and at Arbitration proceedings
-Pursue remedies such as money damages, reinstatements and cessation of illegal conduct


-Identify pertinent legal grounds
-Negotiate possible resolutions
-Represent clients in court or before Administrative bodies
-Seek appropriate damages and resolutions based upon clients’ goals

Personnel Rules:

-Work with clients to draft or update personnel manuals
-Represent employers and employees in connection with alleged breaches of personnel rules
-Interpret the relevancy of federal and state laws in personnel matters

Lawyer(s) Available for Employment Law:

David A. Baram

Immigration & Nationality Law

The Immigration and Nationality law practice area of Baram, Tapper & Gans LLC has a sum total of over 80 years of experience in the immigration field.
The practice area provides services to businesses and individuals. Our services to individuals include family reunification visas, adjustment of status, asylum and refugee matters, student visas, citizenship issues such as naturalization and derivative citizenship, and deportation matters including waivers. We maintain constant attention to current legislation, regulations and immigration trends.

The Immigration Department attorneys and staff are available during working hours to answer your questions. We provide convenient appointment times and a variety of fee arrangements.

Each client is treated as an individual and given personal attention to detail while the required processing is done efficiently and effectively.

Lawyer(s) Available for Immigration and Nationality Law:

Joseph M. Tapper

Jason Y. Gans

Residential Real Estate

We provide sophisticated, full-service representation to clients on a variety of residential real estate transactions.

We provide the following services:

For clients interested in selling houses and condominiums:

-Negotiation and execution of listing agreements
-Assistance and counsel during the offer and acceptance process
-Preparation of all sale documents
-Coordination and attendance at closing

For clients interested in purchasing houses and condominiums:

-Negotiation of the contract
-Review of the title search
-Review and counsel in all environmental issues
-Assistance with mortgage financing
-Coordination and attendance at closing

For clients interested in refinancing their houses and condominiums:

-Review of the title search
-Assistance with mortgage financing
-Coordination and attendance at closing

The firm’s attorneys assist both tenants and landlords in a wide range of residential leasing matters, including:

-Review of leases
-Negotiation of leases
-Representation in lease disputes, violations, and enforcement of rights.

The real estate attorneys are well-versed in all title issues relating to residential real estate. They are available to help with the following:

-Negotiation, creation and elimination of easements, restrictions, rights of first refusal, life estates, and options
-Subdivision review
-Boundary disputes
-Title claims and losses
-Clearance of title defects

For qualified clients interested in refinancing their house through a reverse mortgage:

-Work with mortgage broker/lender to process application
-Review title search
-Assist with documentation
-Explain liabilities and regulations
-Review all documents
-Coordination and attendance at closing

For clients facing the loss of their home through foreclosure:

-Review and explanation of legal options
-Restructuring of debt
-Defense of foreclosure actions

Lawyer(s) Available for Residential Estate Law:

David A. Baram

Trusts and Estates

Baram, Tapper & Gans, LLC offers a wide range of services to clients in the areas of estate and tax planning, estate and trust administration, and charitable giving.

Developing an effective and coherent estate plan including:
-Durable powers of attorney
-Living wills
-Marital/credit shelter trust
-Special needs trust
-Life insurance trust
-Charitable remainder trust
-Counseling fiduciaries concerning estate administration and trust management
-Preparing necessary probate and tax documents
-Representing clients in probate court

Lawyer(s) Available for Trusts and Estates
David A. Baram

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