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Often times, clients with young children ask how they can protect their families should an unexpected event occur and they are unable to provide parental care. Those events might include a sudden illness, travelling on an extended business trip, or being delayed by inclement weather conditions when out of town.

Lately, immigrant clients who are not yet lawful citizens are also seeking advice about safeguarding their minor children should they be detained for questioning or investigation by the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). With the heightened national discord over immigration, there is increased anxiety about providing for your family should you be detained, arrested or even deported.
The best protection is to have a Family Preparedness Plan as recommended by the State of Connecticut. Preparedness should include a legal plan to allow for the care of your children and for their financial well- being. Two important legal documents every parent should have are a Power of Attorney and a Standby Guardian Designation.
The Standby Guardian Designation is a legal appointment, giving a guardian the power and authority to care for your minor children upon the occurrence of an event. The guardian will possess legal authorization to make decisions that include: health care, education, and general welfare. Choosing a guardian that you trust to provide parental care in your absence is one of the most important decisions that you can make as a parent.
The Power of Attorney will authorize your appointed agent to handle your financial matters. This is not only important for you, but for your children. Appointing a guardian without making financial resources available creates a hardship for the guardian that could place your children in financial difficulty.
The State Family Preparedness Plan also recommends that parents leave detailed notes about the location of assets and financial accounts, medical conditions and medications, doctors and other professional providers, family members, caregivers, school teachers, and emergency numbers.
Keeping important documents accessible that might be helpful to the guardian include: passports, birth certificates, court documents, social security card, medical insurance, your driver’s license and other identification information, and immigration documents
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