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Divorce and Family Law

At Baram, Tapper & Gans, LLC, the practice of divorce and family law includes a broad spectrum of client services which address issues of custody, child support, alimony, asset distribution, transfer of real estate, visitation (parental access), transfer of retirement funds, medical coverages, tax ramifications, guardianship, legal separation, and juvenile matters. In guiding you through this difficult and confusing process, we will ascertain your concerns, and craft a strategy to achieve those goals and which is sensitive to your needs.
Divorce Objectives:
  • Determine jurisdiction and service of process methods
  • Review cause allegations or no-fault grounds of irretrievable breakdown for dissolution of marriage/legal separation
Protection Of Minor Children:
  • Evaluate the best interests of the children as to sole custody, joint legal custody, primary residence, visitation schedules, medical needs, counseling, educational orders for post high school education, religious preferences, among numerous other issues and concerns
  • Calculate child support in accordance with Connecticut's Child Support Guidelines, including day care contributions and unreimbursed medical/dental expenses
Alimony and Property Distribution:
  • Consider statutory factors in determining appropriateness, amount, and duration of possible spousal support
  • Analyze statutory factors in assessing an equitable asset distribution which includes real estate, personal property, investments, business assets, retirement income, savings, inheritances, trusts, motor vehicles, tax ramifications, and other items of value
  • Review possibility of contribution toward legal fees and costs
Juvenile Matters:
  • Address issues of termination of parental rights, family reunification, third party resource assistance, visitation, child support, State commitment, foster care placement, medical evaluations and treatment, and working with the Department of Child & Family Services
Collaborative and Mediation Practice:
  • Conducts mediation services for parties who wish to settle differences in a voluntary forum without resort to court litigation
  • Participates in divorce collaboratives to achieve equitable settlements without the adversarial nature of contested litigation
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David A. Baram

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